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What is an IFA?

Put simply, an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is a state regulated financial adviser that provides impartial and independent advice to cover all your financial advisory needs – from protections, pensions, mortgage and investment portfolios to inheritance planning an IFA is there to support your decision making.


From a full financial annual health check to reviewing your near retirement pension provisions through to selecting a mortgage product – the United Kingdom’s five thousand plus Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) provide an invaluable service to millions each year.


What Services Does an IFA Provide?


A professional financial adviser will not only get to know you personally but will ascertain your overall financial position and ultimately get a feel for your specific financial goals before making specific recommendations. They will then help you to set defined goals and planned objectives.


An IFA will also be able to provide the full range of services that you may require to build, maintain and optimise your financial portfolio – from setting up a mortgage or protections insurance to developing a long term retirement planning strategy, an IFA can make sure that your finances work the way they should.


More specifically an IFA can help you by:

  • Manage your Pre-Agreed Financial Plan: This plan usually includes both strategies and instruments which should result in a general wealth expansion of an individual or a family. Advisers tend to long term plan, however the outcomes ultimately depend on the goals of an individual or a family and whether there is an ability to take higher risks to achieve those aims.
  • Pension Planning: This form of advice is best for those who want to take care of their retirement finances. By planning for an advantageous pension programme or other investment option, you can help maintain a passive income with minimal risk.
  • Investments: A personal financial adviser can also assist in the formation of a deposit portfolio and select the most profitable investments, based on the source data and financial goals of a client.
  • Managing Protection Insurance: A financial advisor assists you in selecting the right coverage for you and your family. This is perfect for those who want to feel more secure about their future an given the current global pandemic offers a good peace of mind should the worst happen.
  • Managing your Mortgage: A financial adviser can identify the right mortgage options for you.
  • Inheritance Planning: Professional financial advisors use many ways for optimising the transition and obtainment of inheritance. If you need to manage your heritage, a financial adviser will provide you with options to decrease the inheritance tax.
  • Business Management: Assistance in optimising taxation, advice on developing business – such services of a financial adviser may be of interest to entrepreneurs.
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