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FCA Regulated
All of our services and Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) are fully FCA regulated and qualified.
Completely Secured
Safe & Secure
Your data is safe with us! Similar to your bank, we use above industry security protocols and secure platforms to ensure that your data is safe.
On Your Side
Your experience is paramount to us - we offer 100% unbiased, bespoke and compliant advice with a transparent and upfront fee structure.
We can help you with
Investment managment
We will begin by assessing your existing portfolio and will give you helpful advice to manage your current investment portfolio to its maximum capacity.
Develop a Personalised Investment Roadmap
If you are looking to develop a new portfolio or amend an existing one, we can provide you with a fully bespoke investment roadmap to help maximise your returns.
How we can help you with the right financial advice
Receiving expert financial advice is crucial to making the right investment decision. With the right support and advice from a regulated Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), you will be able to make the right investment decisions that match your personal financial circumstances. Your IFA will help to explain possible options open to you as well as the details of suitable financial products and investment strategies.
Constantly updated, we are also delighted to offer the latest tips and guidance through our Investment Knowledge Base.
Consumers with advisers save longer and contribute more to investment products, leading to an average of £40,000 more in investment value than those without advisers.
Receive the best-in-industry investment solutions with the help of our advisers
We all want our money to grow and this can be achieved through smart investing.
With careful financial planning we can help you achieve your financial goals through through the development of a smart and responsive investment strategy.
The strategy will be based upon your attitude and approach to risk, financial circumstances and ultimately what you hope to achieve from the development of a smart investment portfolio.
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financial health check up
Monitor and analyse the the performance of your investment portfolio
Knowledge is key and with our innovative online and app based platform you can monitor your investment portfolio in real time.
Whilst you can access the plan at any time, you can also speak to your adviser to ensure that the portfolio is operating at its best, at all times.
How it works
Book your first online meeting
Simply select "Book your free consultation" and pick a convenient time and date to have a preliminary discussion with your adviser.
Meet your personal adviser
During the initial fact finding meeting, your dedicated financial adviser will explore all your current and future financial needs and goals.
Receive tailored advice
After your initial meeting, your adviser will prepare and present a fully tailored report that will present in detail your financial goals and a plan to achieve them.
Receive an instant investment review with our Virtual Adviser
Using our very own virtual adviser and in just 5 minutes, find out what investment options are open to you!
What do you want to achieve from your investments?
Select a long term diversified growth strategy for your investment portfolio designed for a future lump sum, targeting above average returns.
Choose a diversified portfolio of income generating assets to provide you with regular income I don’t have a specific target.
I don’t have specific target
I just want to earn some extra money.
What does financial advice look like in reality?
Simply put, financial advice is the support and advisory service that you receive from a regulated Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) and includes recommendations based on your personal and financial circumstances. Whilst financial advisory can be confusing, at first your IFA will help to explain possible options open to you as well as the details of suitable financial products.
financial advice example report
financial advice example report
financial advice example report
We are here to help you
Your initial discussion is complimentary and this will help us to understand your financial needs
About Fintuity
Founded in 2017, Fintuity is a fully digital and FCA regulated Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) that provides a range of services via our proprietary online platform. Fintuity is a wholly online, secure and cutting edge platform that delivers compliant and bespoke advice at below-industry rates.
The Digital IFA - Access Advice at Home and on Your Time
On the move or from the comfort of your own home, you can contact your financial adviser when the time suits you. You can access the platform at any time via desktop, laptop, tablet or through the Fintuity mobile App. Flexibility to work around you.
keep track
Keep track of your finances
With 24/7 secure access to the latest valuations, transactions and performance, you can enjoy complete oversight of your financial strategy on the move with the Fintuity mobile app and website.
low fees
Low fees
Seeking financial advice in the UK has always been expensive and without significant sums to invest, receiving that advice can be a struggle. Built on a proprietary administrative solution we have reduced our costs and in turn we pass those savings onto our customers. We believe in advice for all, traditional advice through digital delivery and continue to use our technology to allow us to offer lower than industry fees.
Our services
Founded in 2017, Fintuity has fast become one of the only digital Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) in the United Kingdom. We offer all the services of a traditional IFA but via our secure online platform. Fintuity offers a wide range of financial advisory services including pensions, protection, investments and mortgage advice. The key difference is that as an exclusively digital service we can offer significant savings and a service that is direct to you and on demand.
Fintuity Financial Health CHeck
Financial Health Check
We will begin with a full review of your financial arrangements, goals and assets. We all need a check up from time to time and the financial health check will allow us to better advise you.
Fintuity Tax Planning
Tax Planning
We all have different tax requirements. Our advisers will be able to advise you on your short, medium and long term tax planning requirements.
Fintuity Mortgage
Buying a home is a major life event. Getting the right support, guidance and mortgage product is key. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. ​
Fintuity Protection
We never know what is quite around the corner and having the correct protection and cover can give you peace of mind should the worst happen.
Developing an investment portfolio is a long term decision. Our team of friendly advisers are here to advise you on the right strategy that can provide you with the returns you expect.
Effective planning for your retirement is crucial to ensure that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Our experienced team will be able to advise you at every phase of your pension planning.
Pension locator
Pension Locator
We will begin by reviewing your existing financial and pensions provision and then locate the best pension product for you.
If you are looking to release capital from your property, we can help with a service dedicated to remortgaging your existing assets.
Robo advisor
Virtual Advisor
The Virtual Adviser is an innovative AI driven tool that provides a range of financial strategies based upon your current circumstances.
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The 2023-2024 Fintuity Guide to Pensions
Pensions planning is a major consideration for many of us as we move toward retirement age and there can be...
Take a Summer Financial Healthcheck!
With the huge rise in living costs, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your personal finances...
The Myths of Buy to Let Properties Explained
Over the course of our lives, many of us will think about purchasing a buy to let property, in this article we...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Should you have any queries about our services, fees or for any other matter please see below some of our most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an an answer to your query please do get in touch. For more information and help please check out our Blog and Knowledge Base.
What is the difference between traditional financial advice and Fintuity’s virtual guidance service?
Traditional advice is given by an FCA regulated financial adviser. They can review your goals and objectives to provide you with a bespoke recommendation. Our virtual driven guidance solution is based on sophisticated AI. Fintuity’s Virtual guidance tool uses your inputs to highlight potential shortfalls, allowing you to make an informed choice. Fintuity provides either of these services to our clients and if you have any questions please contact us at
Is my personal information secure?
We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Fintuity takes all precautionary measures to ensure that your personal details are secure, compliant and safe from third parties. Your personal details, account data and all supporting information are fully encrypted and stored on secure servers.
How much does this cost?
Fintuity’s virtual guidance service is a complimentary tool. The only fees you could pay are potentially product/provider fees dependant on your choice of product or provider.
If I decide to act on the choices I make can I cancel?
Usually if you decide to cancel your chosen investment or pension with the product provider you have the right by law to cancel within 30 days. Please see the specifics of the product providers cancellation information which will be available to you when you invest. For life insurance policies, if you decide to cancel your chosen policy the 30 day cancellation will begin from the time that you were informed by the provider that the contract has been concluded or from the day on which you received the contractual terms and conditions from the provider. Please see the specifics of the policy providers cancellation information which will be available to you and part of your policy documents when you take out your policy.
Refunds after cancellation
If you cancel, then you should receive a refund of the money you have paid within 30 days of the provider receiving your cancellation. The provider may make a deduction from the refund in relation to any services which it has provided to you during the cancellation period. Any deduction must be reasonable and can only be made if you started to receive the services before the 30 days were completed. You have a legal right to cancel your ISA or investment if you change your mind; you can do this within 30 days of the date you receive your email confirming the establishment of your ISA or investment. Please be aware that if funds have been invested within the 30 day cancellation period your investments may fall in value and you may get back less than the original value of your investment. Please see the cancellation policy that would be provided to you when you took your initial plan or policy out.
If I have any questions about the choices or investments, who can I speak to?
At any stage throughout your process you are quite welcome to arrange a complimentary meeting with one of our independent financial advisers who can provide regulated financial advice and would highlight any fees or charges that may be applicable should you wish to proceed after your initial meeting.
Book a free consultation
Your first consultation is completely free of charge - all you need to do is to select a convenient time & date and outline how we can assist you.