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Developing an Effective IFA-Client Relationship

Our personal finances are of course private and as such we should be able to trust and value the advice of our adviser – as such many IFAs and clients develop a mutually beneficial and long term relationship that can last many decades.


For some, the main goal of engaging an IFA is to increase their overall portfolio income, whilst for others it would be to protect their family’s wealth and existing wealth levels. In any case, an IFA must be able to quickly react to the needs of their clients and having a positive relationship with your IFA is crucial.


A good IFA will know and understand their client motivations – By doing so, an adviser will determine the amount of risk the client can afford to take in investing and advise accordingly. The most suitable investment or asset opportunities are then proposed and agreed according to the financial goals and current financial position of the client.


An IFA will then regularly update you as to the health of your finances, advise on upcoming market developments and regulation as well as review your portfolio each year.

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