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Trusting a Digital Adviser

Can you Trust an Online IFA? 


Of course you can! The fact that the advice is imparted online is of little consequence – the advice given is still regulated and data stored and monitored in the same way in which a traditional high street IFA would be – it’s just more efficient.  


There is an argument that because an IFA is online, this would mean that is possibly an even more secure option – every aspect of the technical platform needs to be fully secured to meet strict government guidelines around IP, privacy, data protection and financial regulation. From initial client engagement to the signing of documents and the storing of sensitive data – the latest security protocols and technology are essential to maintaining an FCA approved license. 


The FCA is rightly relentless in its demand for compliant advice and secure communications – the UK is one of the most regulated consumer finance markets in the world and delivering advice online is just as secure and compliant as visiting a traditional IFA. 

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