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Introducing the Virtual Adviser – The Platform to Make Financial Advice Accessible 


As a unique member of the UK’s IFA community, Fintuityis already delivering daily financial advice many of those seeking to evaluate, consolidate or adapt their financial products. 


Whilst we already harness technology in the shape of our website, automated fact find, KYC, document exchange and secure meeting facilities we are currently lacking the capacity to process more customers per day in line with our goal of providing affordable IFA access. 


This is where the Virtual Adviser comes to the fore. 


The platform is currently in development and our proprietary platform will allow even more consumers the chance to access the support that they need, on demand and when required. As an additional benefit users will be able to book a complimentary meeting with a human adviser.  


The Virtual Adviser is designed specifically to close the financial advice gap by further automating the client data, aims and targets, risk attitude and financial behavioural profiling that enables the Virtual Adviser to analyse complex data-sets and to automatically suggest a range of AI driven solutions. 


The prospective client will then be presented with a fully bespoke financial report and a number of matched solutions that they can then accept or decline – once accepted the customer will be diverted to a human IFA who will further explore the options open to them. The whole process is also free of charge, secure FCA compliant! 


Work is already well underway on the Virtual Adviser and it is a natural next step in our technical development and once completed will provide users not only free of charge and regulated advice but match clients with the right products in minutes. 


The Virtual Adviser will allow Fintuity to process clients at a five-fold rate to our current onboarding process and will help to close the advice gap at a time when accessing the right advice is crucial. 


The Technology Behind the Virtual Adviser – Creating a Tech Driven Ecosystem 


Whilst the aim of the platform is to close the advice gap and deliver advice to ever increasing numbers of users, the technology involved is truly cutting edge. 


With an expanding in-house team of UK based developers, Fintuity is harnessing leading process engineering in Machine Learning to ensure that the AI driven platform delivers the right advice. 


What makes the Virtual Adviser unique is that it goes beyond the current state of the art by offering intelligent solutions that provided by the current range of robot-advisers. 


Robo-advisers currently form the only comparable technology to the VA in the market but are limited to investments and do not offer bespoke advice-the VA will use cutting edge AI to fully tailor advice to the customer. 


In a spirit of community collaboration, Fintuity is working with academia and other key stakeholders to deliver the Virtual Adviser to ensure that a maximum number of users can enjoy timely financial advice. 

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