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Cost of Living Explained – Reduce Your Food Waste

Each year some 9.5 million tonnes of food find its way to the bin in the UK alone. Considering how high food inflation is, you should tackle this:


  • Make sure you plan your meals in advance to utilise the food that will be expiring soon, and check what is in the fridge before doing a food shop.
  • Many foods have best before dates, but this doesn’t mean its off. Do your research to get an understanding of what is safe to keep. Many foods that pass the smell and appearance test can be kept, but unfortunately this is likely a keep space where things are thrown away in the bin.
  • Look at switching to different brands/non brands, or even changing to a more cost effective supermarket. Often the quality and taste can be identical for certain products. You simply pay more because you buy into a brand, so experiment and try a variety to see if you can spot the difference.
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