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Cost of Living Explained – Improve your Energy Efficiency

Investing in your home can prove dividends and  by making small changes that require very little money you can save a lot of cash in the long term. Here are a few of the options those on tight budgets to boost your energy efficiency:


  • Most windows have a rubber lining in the frame that wears over time. If you hold your hand to window and you feel cold air breezing through, this can easily be solved using some rubber strips. You can buy also buy some draught excluder tape – Don’t live with it!
  • Make sure your attic is insulated. Insulation is relatively cheap and you can make a very quick return on your investment by doing this, since heat rises and gets lost through the roof. Many attics have gaps where there is no insulation or older homes may have a thin layer that needs to be replaced over time or added to.
  • Cavity wall insulation – This can make a big difference in losing heat through the walls, but demand for cavity insulation is high so it will cost you. Ensure that you don’t use any insulation that ‘stops the wall breathing’ as this can also give rise to damp issues. Make sure you do your research and take advice from an expert.
  • LED bulbs – They are just as good as traditional but work on a much lower wattage. This doesn’t mean all lights should remain on all the time, since don’t forget doing so will speed up the need to buy a new bulb.
  • Smart heating – Digitising your home heating and water can be relatively cheap to do but give you much more control over your actual usage. For example, if you go out for the day you could use your mobile to turn your heating off and then turn it on whilst traveling home.
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