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The Smart way to manage your pension
Most people in the UK have their personal pension plans set by their previous employers. Often they can even have 3-5 separate pension accounts with different providers.

Having multiple pension pots managed by providers you haven't reviewed and selected personally might not be the optimal retirement strategy.

Fintuity's Professional Advisors can help you review your existing pension plans, analyse and compare your current provider's performance and fees and propose the best solution to get the most from your pension contributions.
Start with a Goal and turn it into a Plan.
How would you like to handle your pension when you retire?

Get it in cash and spend however you want. Remember, this option might require additional tax payments.

Buy an annuity to generate a guaranteed income throughout the whole of your life.

Use flexi-drawdown option to withdraw as much income as you need every year but keep the rest invested.
Our advisors are qualified to help you understand your retirement goals and explain every available option in great detail, providing an actionable plan.
Plan your future income now
It is very important to understand the amount of retirement income you will need to maintain your current living standards once you retire.

With this long term goal you would need a detailed plan of what your pension pot should be at retirement, how much to contribute to achieve this goal and what investment risk you are able to take.
Monitor and analyse performance
See what's going on with your pension plans in real time via Fintuity website or mobile application.

Speak to your financial adviser to make sure your plan always suits your needs and circumstances.

Painless, paper-free, and all from the comfort of your own home – your online adviser will take care of everything.
Traditional advisory firms are inefficient and technology-poor. They usually tend to charge clients higher fees to compensate for this inefficiency.
24/7 access to the latest valuations, transactions, and performance tracking data. Enjoy total oversight of your financial products via the Fintuity mobile app and website.
100% Online
Low fees
The benefits of using Fintuity
Book your first online meeting
How it works
Just click "Book your free consultation" and book a convenient time slot to chat with your adviser.
Meet your personal adviser
During the video call, our financial adviser will answer questions, discuss your needs & financial goals.
Receive tailored advice
The advisor will prepare and present an individual financial plan to achieve your desired goals.
Be on track with your...
Full financial review
Receive a detailed report explaining how good you are with your family finances
Family insurance policies
Protection insurance products provide peace of mind and a more secure future.
Investment accounts
Putting your money to work does much more over time then leaving it as cash.
Inheritance tax planning
Transition and obtainment of inheritance could be a nightmare without proper planning and structuring.
Home is where the heart is, so keep it safe and sound!
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