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Occupational & Personal Pension Schemes

Planning for your retirement is a major concern for many as they approach the end of their working lives but for many, the specific benefits and range of pension arrangements can be confusing.


With that in mind, a private pension provision can be described as any arrangement that includes any pension benefit that is not provided by the state.


There are two main forms of private pensions, which includes:

  • Occupational Scheme: An occupational pension scheme is one in which an employer(s) has paid into a pensions pot for you. This will usually cover the time that you have worked with that particular employer. Many people over  a working lifetime will work for different organisations and as such may have a number of occupational pension schemes in place upon their retirement.
  • Personal Pension Policies: A personal pension policy, be it an individual policy or as a part of a group personal pension scheme, is one in which you have paid into it yourself.


We suggest you always take expert advice when assessing your pensions portfolio, please get in touch if you require any additional information or guidance.

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