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Press Release: Fintuity Appoints New COO and Expands Chartered IFA Team by 60% to Meet Increased Market Demand & Prepares for Launch of the Virtual Adviser

London: Fintuity, one of the United Kingdom’s only digital Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is proud to announce that as a direct result of an increased demand for financial advice, Fintuity has not only raised three million USD but has also significantly expanded its UK team to support an uptake in new clients.

Fintuity Expands Senior Leadership and IFA Team to Meet Major Demand for Services

Fintuity is pleased to announce the appointment of Tony Beaven as our Chief Operating Officer, Tony will help transform the internal and external expansion of Fintuity as one of the UK’s leading IFA providers.

As part of this expansion, we are also excited to announce the appointment of Luke Brooke, Chartered Adviser, Ian Watson, and Ruth Arnett to the Fintuity team.

We wish all our team the best of luck and look forward to working with you!

Funds Raised to Support the Development of the Virtual Adviser & Close the Advice Gap

Following an unprecedented level of investment interest, Fintuity has successfully raised three million USD to fund its upcoming Virtual Adviser Launch and a number of associated technological projects aimed at tackling the UK’s growing advice gap.

Fintuity and its planned Virtual Adviser is an entirely unique digital platform that unites the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) and consumer in one fully secured and easy to use interface. According to Tony Beaven, Fintuity’s newly appointed COO:

‘The sheer demand for online financial advice services is testimony to the economic bounce back that we are seeing post-lockdown. With regard to this we have not only raised additional funding in readiness to launch a unique virtual adviser offering, we have also significantly expanded our advice team to meet this new demand & achieve our mission statement of closing the UK’s advice gap – I look forward to working with the newly appointed IFA team to deliver real value and optimum support for our customers’

Over the past year, Fintuity has been delivering advice to not only significant numbers of customers who have embraced digital advice but also our NHS workers. In short, the Fintuity platform offers a health-risk free at a time when piece of mind is required the most.

From pensions, investments, and savings advice to applying for mortgages and unlocking capital from existing properties there will be an ongoing day to day need to access the right advice – on-time and within budget.  This new funding will enable us to further deliver real-time advice to those that need it the most.

We see access to financial advice as a necessity to ensure that your funds and portfolio work for you – Fintuity is your digital financial partner in these uncertain times.

To download the press release please click here:  Fintuity Rapidly Expands Chartered IFA Team & Appoints New COO to Meet Increased Demand

About Fintuity:  Fintuity is an FCA regulated industry-changing fintech organisation that was founded in 2017 to disrupt the UK’s Financial Advisory sector and to close the gap between affordability and access to compliant retail financial advice.  We have introduced a game changing hybrid model (human advisor + tech) and are further developing unique AI-driven Virtual Advisory tools to help millions of people in the UK and abroad get access to quality holistic financial advisory services. For all media enquiries please contact Nicholas Cobb by emailing

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