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Junior ISAs and Children’s Savings Accounts
22 Jul 2019 · Team Fintuity

Not long ago, the UK government started advertising its program to encourage families to save for their children’s future. The…

How can you Prepare for Retirement?
19 Jul 2019 · Team Fintuity

From an early age, you know that there will come a time in your life called “retirement” and that with…

Talking to Your Family About Finances
16 Jul 2019 · Team Fintuity

Talking about money isn’t always the simplest of things and it only becomes harder when we have to talk about…

How can I Start Buying a House? Stages of Purchase
12 Jul 2019 · Team Fintuity

Many people hesitate before taking on a mortgage, thinking they’re practically giving the bank free money. If you take out…

What can go Wrong when Taking on a Mortgage?
12 Jul 2019 · Team Fintuity

The simple answer is – pretty much everything. Taking on a mortgage is a big decision with impactful consequences and you…

When can Taking a Long-Term Mortgage be a Perfectly Rational Choice?
12 Jul 2019 · Team Fintuity

Undoubtedly, paying for a mortgage is a huge burden. Financial experts suggest not taking one on if the monthly payment is…

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