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Fintuity – Your Complimentary Tool for Searchable and Compliant Financial Advice
05 May 2021 · Nic Cobb

Whether you are applying for a mortgage, developing an investment portfolio or consolidating your pensions – the finance world can…

The Fintuity Blog – Our Commitment to Providing Timely & Compliant Financial Advice
12 Apr 2021 · Nic Cobb

Our Commitment to Providing a Compliant, Useful & Timely Financial Advisory Platform We thank you for your continued support of…

IFA Fees Explained – Types of Fees & Associated Costs of Accessing Financial Advice
24 Feb 2021 · Nic Cobb

Whether you are looking to consolidate your existing financial portfolio or to access new financial products, there are a number…

The UK’s First Digital IFA Offers Free-Of-Charge Financial Advice to Frontline Emergency Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
14 Apr 2020 · Nic Cobb

As the United Kingdom’s one and only FCA regulated online Independent Financial Adviser, Fintuity is proud to announce a new…

Introducing the Financial Conduct Authority – Regulatory Oversight, Advice & Useful Tools to Ensure You Get the Right Advice
22 Sep 2020 · Nic Cobb

Most of us at some point or another will require some form of professional financial advice, but who regulates the…

Press Release: UK’s first digital financial adviser, Fintuity launches with free-of-charge advice for NHS staff
24 Apr 2020 · Nic Cobb

Doctors, Nurses, and emergency service workers offered free financial advice via video link on mortgages, insurance, and personal finance issues…

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