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What to Prepare for your Initial IFA Meeting

There are a few simple things you can do to prepare for your meeting that will enable our Advisers to gain more insight so they can properly advise you on your own unique circumstances. These include the following:

  • Work Out Exactly What You Need an IFA’s Help With & Research Your IFA In Depth: It is always preferable to know what you wish to discuss before the meeting, so we recommend you have an idea of what you want help with; it could be you are looking to review your pension, apply for a new mortgage or make provisions to deal with Inheritance Tax.
  • Book Your Complimentary First Meeting: Simply book your meeting – remember that the first meeting is at our expense and designed to work out your goals and objectives only and you are under no obligation to commit!
  • Collate All Documentation & Identification Prior to the Fact Find Meeting: Gather all your documents, policy numbers, supporting information such as address history, National Insurance & passport details as well as your liabilities and loans / policies. This also includes photographic ID.
  • Dual Nationality & NonDomiciled Residents: For many services it will be crucial to have an NI number and passport scan to hand.
  • Income & Expenditure: It doesn’t have to be to the penny, but your IFA will require a good overview of your income and expenditure to accurately assist you, as it will be based on the information you provide.
  • Other Assets & Liabilities: Make a note of the value of additional assets such as vehicles, jewellery, artwork and anything else of significant value if you have them as these assets can be factored into your overall plan as well as details of accrued liabilities and loan repayment periods.

Here is a short checklist of what you will need to think about in advance:

  • Mortgages: How much are you looking to borrow, over what time frame and under what terms? If you have an existing mortgage, please gather all information together and let your IFA know on the call. It is important to make a note of the repayment length, cost and provider as well as the policy number for any related insurances.
  • Pension: Policy documents, income and projected income statements, policy numbers and other supporting documents.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: Please let the IFA know your circumstances, how much you intend to leave, bequeath or use prior to the policy or funds becoming available.
  • Investments: We will complete a risk profile and attitude to risk questionnaire to enable us to determine what level of risk you are willing to take to meet your investment objective. Before the meeting, things you should be clear on how much are you looking to invest, for how long, what prior experience you have investing and what type of return are you looking for from your investment.
  • Insurance: The product(s) selected will depend on what you hope to gain in case of the worst-case scenario – you will need to brief your IFA as to what sort of level of cover you will require as well as the affordability of the premium. Please also make a note to hand of any existing policies.

What to consider when choosing an IFA

  • Is the IFA an independent or a restricted adviser?
  • Are they regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?
  • How do their fees and charges work and are they clear and transparent?
  • What are their professional qualifications and areas of expertise?

Take Your Time and Decide Whether an IFA Is The Right Fit For You: There is no rush to commit – take your time and evaluate the initial fact find, costs and solutions that have been proposed.

Introducing Fintuity – Bespoke Financial Advice through Digital Delivery!

Fintuity is like a traditional IFA, only we are an online adviser which means we can offer a more cost effective, time-sensitive and flexible service! This is possible because our business costs are lower than our competitors. We offer the full range of IFA services via our digital platform, at below industry rates and at your convenience.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact to see how we can assist you. For more information please visit or contact Fintuity’s Communications Manager, Nic Cobb at for all content & PR related enquiries.

Please note that this articles was accurate and up to date as of the date of publishing

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