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Is a ‘Business as Usual’ Approach to Accessing Financial Expertise Feasible During the Global Coronavirus Pandemic?

Leading UK Based Fintech to Offer IFA-Consumer Digital Platform & Expertise to Ensure Fiscal Continuity During the COVID-19 Crisis

As global markets continue to freefall in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic; both industry and the consumer are entering an unparalleled period of disruption and market uncertainty.

With both the global and national economy entering a period of major economic disruption – the need for sound fiscal advice to weather the coming storm will be essential if assets are to be protected.

How then do we overcome the problem of accessing monetary expertise whilst at the same time remaining both compliant but most importantly safe from the Coronavirus infection?

Digitalising Access to Finance Advice to Ensure Public Health and Protect Financial Assets

As the nation locks-down to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus intensifies and with no let-up in sight; the requirement for expert financial advice remains paramount for many facing the prospect of prolonged isolation – the need to support personal, family and business commitments will be crucial in the challenges that may be faced in the coming months.

From pensions, investments and savings advice to applying for mortgages and unlocking capital from existing properties there will be an ongoing day to day need to access the right advice, on-time and within budget.

What is required therefore is a secure platform that can provide this financial stability but without the health risk of interpersonal contact.

Introducing Fintuity – The Community Partner that Helps Ensure Continuity

With the nation facing an unknown period of isolation – digital financial platforms provide a health-risk free, cost effective and unique platform to ensure that financial commitments are met without the possibility of infection of Coronavirus.

The Fintuity platform offers an easy to access vehicle that matches the consumer with the right Independent Financial Advisor – meetings take place via a secure video link that allows for the ease of document exchange and follow up meetings.

Using new technology to access IFA’s not only improves efficiency and reduces fees, but also offers a breadth of expertise in one location; documents can be securely exchanged on the move whilst saving money, time and most importantly safeguarding the health of the user.

Unlike many online bot-led platforms; Fintuity is a fully secured and FCA regulated service that links the client with a range of financial products and advisers in one simple to use platform.

Complimentary Financial Advice is Crucial to Weather the Financial Storm

With no end in sight to the Coronavirus there will be many around the country, including those that fall into the most-at-risk categories that will need not only access to financial consultancy to protect their assets but most importantly the right complimentary to predict the curve.

As part of our efforts to help our community, the Fintuity Blog will be releasing regular articles outlining how to help protect your asset as well as how make them work more effectively as well as key market news and analysis.

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to spread throughout the world there is no need to avoid getting crucially needed financial advice – The Fintuity team will do all it can to support our users during this uncertain time.

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