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Introduce Clients to Fintuity’s Financial Services & Earn a Referral Fee

As one of the UK’s only FCA approved and exclusively online IFAs, Fintuity delivers traditional financial advice through a digitally enhanced simple to use online platform. We offer lower than market fees for our initial and ongoing advice services.

Fintuity partners with like-minded professional companies who can see the benefit in offering their clients a unique, low-cost financial advice solution to help improve their financial mobility.

  • Our services: Our in-house specialists provide regulated advice on investments, pensions, protection, mortgages and inheritance tax planning.
  • A unique financial Portal: Painless, online and paper-free. Customers can contact their financial adviser from the comfort of their own home, keep track of their finances with 24/7 secure access to the latest valuations, transactions, performance and enjoy complete oversight of their financial strategy on the move.
  • Free financial tools: Access to our free to use Financial Health Check tool; this can help our clients understand which areas they may wish to prioritise.
  • Cutting edge technology: Soon to launch Virtual Adviser, an all-in-one financial planning solution, providing automated guidance and solutions and built with sophisticated AI.
  • Low-cost financial advice: Being completely online, we aim to pass our savings on to our customers.
  • Our mission: Fintuity believe in “Advice for All” and aim to change the financial advice landscape by offering easily accessible services to more clients across the UK and at an affordable cost.

As clients increasingly look for financial advice online, Fintuity is able to provide you with a simple to use GDPR compliant introducer portal to solve this demand. Fintuity is a fully regulated FCA approved digital IFA and we look forward to working with you!

We are flexible in how you wish to be remunerated for introducing your clients to our services. For further insight and to learn more about our services please get in touch.

Richard Boughton:

Tel: 07546323407

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