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As clients increasingly look for financial advice online and the many benefits this brings. Fintuity are able to provide you with a way to improve the lives of your employees via a uniquely digitised financial advice platform. We believe there are companies and organisations who want to do what they can to improve the lives of their employees and members. Financial health is often overlooked, but by working with Fintuity to offer our regulated low-cost financial advice service, you can improve the financial well-being of your employees and members.

We are actively expanding our network and working with a host of companies, organisations and societies to offer our financial well-being package. We are flexible in how we offer our services and will work with you on the best approach that suits your internal structure. Financial advice should be available to all and we at Fintuity believe it starts with building relationships.

Fintuity is a fully FCA regulated digital IFA. We hope to hear from you to discuss your needs.

For more information please contact our Head of Business Development, Richard Boughton.


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