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Fintuity Harnesses Technology to Change the Face of the IFA Industry

As the only digital Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) in the United Kingdom, Fintuity has seen an exponential uptake in its services since COVID-19 hit in early 2020.

From online mortgage advisory to insurance coverage and investment advice, our advisers have been working hand in hand with clients to ensure their portfolios are working for them during this difficult period. Furthermore as the world has locked down, many are now choosing to access financial services online as opposed to meeting an adviser in person.

As demand for Fintuity’s services continues to grow, so does the technical capability of the Fintuity digital platform and its ability to deliver financial advisory to an ever increasing number of clients across the country.

To this end we have two revolutionary additions to our platform that looks set to change the face of the IFA industry.

The Virtual Adviser – Harnessing Technology to Close the Advice Gap

The Virtual Adviser  is Fintuity’s answer to a growing problem in the UKs consumer finance sector – namely the ever increasing divide between those that can afford to access IFA advice and those that cannot.

It is estimated that some 12 million UK consumers have a regular requirement for FCA regulated advice – our proprietary platform will allow even more consumers the chance to access the support that they need and should they need the support of one of our advisers they can simply continue to book a meeting.

The Virtual Adviser is designed specifically to close this gap by further automating the onboarding and risk profiling process and will provide much needed advice and support to the user generated by advance AI.

Work is already well underway on the Virtual Adviser and it is a natural next step in our technical development and once completed will provide users not only free of charge and regulated advice but match clients with the right products in seconds. In short the Virtual Adviser is the one stop solution that can help customers with their financial requirements

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to hit the UK and global economies, consumers are seeking financial advice now more than ever before – with real time savings as well as regulated and compliant advice, the Virtual Adviser is designed with one aim in mind – to close the advice gap and deliver real time financial advisory support to millions throughout the United Kingdom.   

The Smart Marketplace – Linking the Finance Industry to a Growing Consumer Base

The Smart Marketplace goes one step further than the Virtual Adviser.

Whilst the Virtual Adviser will provide AI driven expert advice and ultimately will aim to serve as a platform to service a far greater number of clients, the Smart Marketplace will simply round the circle by providing the solutions and products required to execute the advice given.

The Smart Marketplace is a digital platform that links the user with tailored and bespoke offers from the leading mortgage, insurance investment and pensions providers into one place and unlike standard online comparison sites, the platform tailors the offerings based on the client risk profile.

The platform will list all suitable products and with a transparent fee structure, allow for a seamless and secure onboarding process.

Using Technology to Drive Efficiencies in the IFA Industry

Fintuity is an IFA like any other but through the technical expertise of our programming team, we are able to not only provide a more cost effective and time efficient experience for the user but also reach many more customers.

At this time of national crisis many people will now be not only health conscious but also wanting to make their assets work harder for them for less. Unlike other high street IFAs we can provide these  efficiencies to the benefit of all.

Fintuity also has exciting plans to use the model pioneered in the UK to branch out to the wider European Union.

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