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Digital Platforms Surge in Wake of Global Pandemic – Will the Financial Industry Follow Suit?


As the world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic and nations settle into a prolonged period of remote working and home isolation, the demand for online video services has never been greater.

From Zoom and Skype to Go to Meeting there are a range of online platforms offering connectivity across all sections of society – from industry and government to those in isolation with the family the need for remaining connected is more important now more than ever. As we can see from the graph below, demand for Zoom, the online video linked – meeting platform has more than trebled.

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With demand now at an unprecedented high, there are many questioning the ability of international and national digital infrastructures to cope given current levels of demand.

A wider point however is that after the pandemic is conquered and it is widely acknowledged that it will be, what will the post CV-19 world look like? Certainly it is expected that there will be an uptake in home working and remote connectivity.

The financial services sector is no exception – as the only FCA regulated digital IFA platform in the UK, Fintuity has seen a major uptake in its services as the only online financial adviser in the country.

With a rapidly digitising world, will this upward trend continue? From what the Fintuity team have seen, the answer is a resounding yes. Financial services are under increasing pressure to adapt to the harsh realities of 2020 – time is no longer a luxury and accessing the right financial advice on time and budget is crucial – Fintuity is meeting this demand and has ambitious expansion plans.

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