100 FinTech Disrupters ranking for 2019 revealed

Today we can reveal our inaugural 100 FinTech Disrupters – our ranking of the UK’s most exciting financial technology companies.

ClearBank, the UK’s first clearing bank in 250 years, was crowned the nation’s favourite FinTech after securing heavy backing from both an independent judging panel and the general public.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Nick Ogden five years ago and led by CEO Charles McManus, the City of London-based company’s payment clearing technology is set to transform the UK’s financial landscape.

McManus told BusinessCloud it hopes to achieve at least eight per cent market share in the business current account market by 2023.

“There are so many inefficiencies in terms of suppliers being paid by customers: if payments were made in real time it would knock all of that noise, friction and delay out of the SME conversations,” he said.

“The survival of small businesses is all about cash flow management.”

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