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Financial problems reduce focus, impact mental health and cause stress. It’s something we rarely get taught but working with Fintuity Financial Wellbeing coaches can help you achieve your personal financial goals with confidence!
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Let Fintuity Financial Wellbeing help you to
achieve your financial goals
Your financial health is key to building the life you want
1 in 3
people feel underpaid
of people wished they could access financial information in a simple manner
of people worry about their personal finances at least once a week.
Fintuity Financial Wellbeing coaching service,
Elevate your financial confidence with
our regulated financial experts across the UK.
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With a legacy of demystifying financial complexities, our subscription service is the key to your financial peace of mind
How it works
You meet with your own money expert
Everyone, across all levels, gets matched with your own expert for confidential video sessions.

They’ll discuss your financial goals and coach you on how to achieve those goals. Alongside quarterly check-in meetings & annual reviews your coach is always in contact when questions come up.
Can you help me with the execution of my financial plan?
As an FCA-regulated firm, we don't just draft plans – we bring them to life. Benefit from our expert financial adviser's insider knowledge to craft, optimize, and flawlessly execute the ultimate financial strategy tailored just for you! (Provided as an additional service and priced separately)
We give you access to powerful tools to help you make better money decisions.
Our coaches will create an interactive financial forecast - to help you visualise the long-term impact of decisions today and get a specific action plan for whatever your goals are.
Navigating Between Financial Coaching and Financial Advice
Fintuity Digital Ecosystem
Customer profile
Financial Wellbeing
For those who want to be better with your money but don't know where to start? Unlike full financial advice, financial coaching can give you guidance on budgeting, emergency savings, and basic financial products to help you manage your finances more effectively. It allows to set the groundwork for financial advice in the future.
Regulated Financial Advice
For those considering or already holding specific financial products, such as pensions, investments, properties or life insurance may need advice tailored to these products. This includes understanding your specific tax implications, risks, and how these financial products fit into their broader financial plan.
Key Features
Financial Wellbeing
  • Budgeting analysis and reallocation of funds
  • Benefits analysis
  • Financial goals planning
  • Financial Healthcheck Live-Scoring
  • Virtual Adviser Access
  • Webinars and Learning Resources Access
  • Guidance not advice
Regulated Financial Advice
  • Regulated Financial Advice
  • Complex Advice
  • Comprehensive product / solutions
  • Independent, personalised recommendations
  • Specific planning work (pensions, investments, mortgages, protection, tax planning)
  • Annual suitability checks
  • FCA regulated advice
Client contact points
Financial Wellbeing
  • Initial Online Meeting (1 hr)
  • Quarterly check-in (15 min)
  • Annual one-to-one review (1 hr)
Regulated Financial Advice
  • Initial Online Meeting (30 min)
  • Factfinding meeting (90 min)
  • Recommendation meeting (60 min)
  • Annual review (60-90 min)
Cost of services
Financial Wellbeing
£25 per month or £250 per annum per household
Regulated Financial Advice
Based on service need – usually a 1.5% initial and 0.5% ongoing fee for pensions and investments while commission-based (paid by provider) for mortgages and protection.
Discover the added value of our subscription with a host of additional features and products
What is included in the Service
Experts will coach you how to achieve your goals. Including quarterly and annual reviews
1-to-1 regular meetings with Fintuity financial experts
Access to our exclusive learning materials and financial articles
Fintuity's financial portal helps you keep on top of your goals with ongoing recommendations
Access to Fintuity Financial Portlal
Access to Fintuity Virtual Adviser
Fintuity's virtual adviser allows you to act on the goals you've discussed with your coach
Our All-in-one platform helps you manage your personal finances
Connect effortlessly with your trusted financial coach or adviser. Seamlessly set up, execute, and monitor your financial plans, and empower yourself with valuable knowledge. Plus, gain instant guidance from our Virtual Adviser, all within a single, user-friendly platform.
Why we stand out from others
Financial advisers
Others Coaching Services
Years of experience with clients
Non regulated coaches
Not Required
FCA Fit and Proper Adviser Test Approved
Not Required
Not Required
Members of Professional Bodies
Not Required
Access to our properietry client services platform
Fintuity Financial Wellbeing
FCA regulated advisers
Benefits guidance
Make sure you are making the most of your tax allowances and benefits due to you.
Investment guidance
Helping you navigate the various investment products available and making use of tax advantageous products.
Our qualified experts can help assess mortgage affordability and help you understand your options for home ownership.
Mortgage planning
Budgeting analysis
Helping you feel more in control of your money with 1-to-1 help creating a household budget.
We provide support
on all money worries
Webinars & learning resources
Share access to our platform with live webinars, articles, guides and more.
Pension planning
Make sure you are making the most of your workplace and personal pension and on track for retirement.
Protection Planning
Help you understand how to financially protect your loved ones in the event of unexpected circumstances.
While others offer mere theories, we provide hands-on guidance to transform your financial dreams into real achievements.
Make a
positive change
to your financial situation today!
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