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How much do you charge for your services?

Our fees are fully transparent and you will only pay for what you access and use.

We typically charge between 1% and 1.5% from your investable assets for the investment and pension advisory services. In comparison to traditional IFAs, our fees are considerably less than the usual 2% – 3% of the customers’ investable assets.

We do not charge you any direct fees for our general insurance and protection services as we receive our commissions direct from the product providers. Whilst our commissions are paid from the product provider directly, we will always ensure that your interests are never compromised over our agreements with our product providers. We purposely work with a wide range of market leading product providers so that we have can present a number of solutions for you to choose from. With this in mind and based on your requirements, our advisors will present you with several detailed and fully transparent action plans that would work for you – once presented, it is then up to you to decide which option to take! As a part of course, we will always disclose our commission as part of our recommendation report.

Mortgage advice and support is free of charge at Fintuity. Instead of taking an upfront fee, we receive commissions from the lenders and the total amount usually depends on the value of the mortgage. Once again, we will always disclose our commissions as part of our recommendation plan – transparency is important to us.

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