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How do you differ from a traditional financial adviser?

Traditional financial advisers are expensive

Financial advice in the UK is one of the most inefficient and technology-lacking sectors, with the majority of business being conducted out of small private practices. This leads to high commissions, meaning that for many people, such service becomes inaccessible.

Here at Fintuity we optimise every step of the advisory process to bring you a good quality service at a fraction of the cost of your local financial adviser. We run our business completely online meaning we do not have huge overheads such as travelling, paperwork and administration.

Quality of advice from a small local IFA practice could be very poor

A normal advisory practice consists of 3-5 people, who spend a lot of time travelling to their clients and handling tons of paper documentation. They lack resources to do quality research, most of the time relying on product providers they regularly work with.

Fintuity’s centralised research team constantly monitors the market to bring you the best products that are available out there.

We value every client

Due to the nature of the business, traditional advisers target clients with at least £200,000 of investable assets. That is the point at which you become a “valuable client”.

At Fintuity we strongly believe that good quality financial advice should be available to everyone, irrespective of the size of your savings and investments. Funnily enough, for people with less income, it may be more sensible to have a good financial plan than for their wealthier counterparts.

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