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Digital Platforms Surge in Wake of Global Pandemic – Will the Financial Industry Follow Suit?
06 Apr 2020 · Nic Cobb

  As the world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic and nations settle into a prolonged period of remote working…

Leading Digital Finance Platform To Offer Complimentary Financial Guidance During Global COVID-19 Pandemic
23 Mar 2020 · Nic Cobb

  As global markets continue to freefall in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic; both industry and the consumer are entering…

Is a ‘Business as Usual’ Approach to Accessing Financial Expertise Feasible During the Global Coronavirus Pandemic?
22 Mar 2020 · Nic Cobb

Leading UK Based Fintech to Offer IFA-Consumer Digital Platform & Expertise to Ensure Fiscal Continuity During the COVID-19 Crisis As…

Introducing Fintuity – The Community Partner that Helps Ensure Continuity
10 Mar 2020 · Nic Cobb

Introducing Fintuity -The Safe, Secure & Cost-Effective Online IFA that Offers you Piece of Mind During the COVID-19 Crisis As…

Calling all Accountancy Firms – Fintuity Wants to Work With You!
02 Mar 2020 · Nic Cobb

Servicing a client can often result in the same amount of time, energy and effort – whilst all clients are…

Stop Paying Over-Priced Advisers
02 Jul 2018 · Team Fintuity

Justin Modray Speaks About Over-priced Advisers IFA calls for FCA intervention over high advice fees Buckinghamshire-based IFA Candid Financial Advice…

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