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Introducing The Financial Services Compensation Scheme

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) was setup to build and maintain the trust of the financial markets through rigorously independent decisions, efficient operations, resilience in tackling financial failures and always striving to put the customers first.

The FSCS protects consumers with claims against failed firms, as well as promoting awareness and understanding of the wider FSCS protection scheme.

For Consumers

FSCS provides protection when firms fail – reassuring people in a crisis and enabling people to buy regulated financial products with confidence.

For Customers

FSCS helps put people back on track by offering a claims service that is fast and easy for our customers to use, offering support when our customers ask for it.

For Industry

FSCS operates as efficiently as possible and contributes to the prevention of future failure. FSCS recovers as much as possible from failed firms to offset the costs of compensation which is funded by the industry.

For Regulators

FSCS is ready to respond to major firm failures and crises and works with the regulatory family to support the orderly resolution of failing firms. FSCS collaborates with the regulators and industry to reduce the risk and impact of future failure.

Should you have an urgent need to do so, the FSCS is there to help you! For more information please visit

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