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Ensure Your New Year Finances Are Working As They Should Be With a Financial Health Check
19 Dec 2022 · Nic Cobb

With December being a traditionally costly month and coupled with the huge rise in living costs, it is now more…

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What Else Do You Need to Know for 2023 – An Assessment of the Wider Economic Outlook for the New Year
13 Dec 2022 · Nic Cobb

Over the past month, the Fintuity team have been serialising the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and analysing what this means for…

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Fintuity Briefings – All You Need to Know for December
09 Dec 2022 · Nic Cobb

Financial markets throughout November continued their mini rally following a difficult summer to early autumn. The FTSE 100 recorded another…

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What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Your Business?
07 Dec 2022 · Nic Cobb

Last month’s autumn statement introduced a number of major policy changes that were designed to support the UK’s small and…

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The Cost-of-Living Crisis – What the Autumn Statement Means for Your Energy Bills
29 Nov 2022 · Nic Cobb

Regardless of your level of income, one thing now unites the nation and that is the soaring costs of our…

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What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Your Income?
24 Nov 2022 · Nic Cobb

Following on from the Chancellor’s controversial Autumn Statement last week, Fintuity is pleased to present our second article dedicated to…

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